Homeschool Curriculum Category: Christian Apologetics FREE Presentations

Christian Apologetics Free Presentations from Dr. Gerald Culley at Good Answers Ministries. Strengthen your teens’ understanding of the faith with these Youtube videos from University of Delaware’s Classics Professor Emeritus. The many topics address current issues, archeology and other interesting subjects that capture teens’ interest. Start by downloading the Syllabus that will guide you through the many Apologetics presentation downloads. Then download a presentation each week including: Apologetics 101 for starters, Arguing with God, Belshazzar, Bethesda, Blue Stars, Bulla Boys, Dinosaurs, Ezekiel and Tyer, Firm Foundation, Ghosts of Genesis, God vs Dagon, Goliath, Herod and John the Baptist, Hezekiah, Jeremiah and Jericho, Jesus in Capernaum, and many more. Christian Apologetics Free Presentations will impact your teens lives (and yours)!