Homeschool Curriculum Category: The Complete 7Sisters Library

The Complete 7Sisters Library contains all of our titles, but not arranged in a very user-friendly manner. We just needed to have everything in one place at least once…so here it is! If you are bored, dig through The Complete 7Sisters Library. You might just find something you missed elsewhere. Don’t forget that 7Sisters curriculum follows the philosophy of: NO busywork, affordable and level-able, mostly fun etextbooks. Did you catch the “mostly fun” part? While we do not claim to be a barrel of monkeys, our texts are not stuffy and sometimes sprinkle in some humor. This means that homeschool high schoolers (and their parents) usually LIKE what they learn! That is what we want, after all…that even in high school our teens should be fostering a love of learning. This is a gift they can keep all their lives! Our curriculum, while written from a Christian worldview, is never preachy. It is simply graciously informed by the faith. So skim through the list and download some cool stuff!