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We have resources to help you create a plan to guide your homeschool and help you reach your goals. Homeschooling: you can do it! Resources include: A Complete List of Elementary Activity Guides, How to Create and Use a Syllabus, Fine Arts Credits for Non-Artsy Teens, Help! We Are Drowning: What to Try When You Are Way Behind, How to Choose High School Curriculum, How to Create High School Transcripts, Scheduling Backwards: Step-by-step to Getting the Calendar Under Control, Self-Paced Course for Parents: Homeschooling High School- You CAN Do It!, Teaching Literature: Beyond Comprehension to SO Much More, Writing Your Homeschool Mission Statement.

Worried about how to handle your homeschool high schoolers’ transcripts? Homeschool high school transcripts are important, but don’t worry. We are looking out for you! Homeschool high schoolers and their parents can feel more confident that they are accomplishing all they need for graduation, when they follow the advice in this 75-page guide to creating meaningful transcripts.

You can do this! Transcripts, Homeschool Planning.