Co-Op Permission and Discount

7Sisters co-op permission discount

We typically offer a 33% discount off the regular price for any 7Sisters title that you choose to teach in a co-op setting. This is to encourage your group to both honor copyright AND make good use of your homeschool dollars.

Send an email to and briefly tell us about your co-op.

How many students do you expect in your class? What title are you planning to use?

We will then create a unique discount code for your group that makes it possible for your families to purchase their curriculum at 33% off the regular price.

Email us with any questions you have!

(Our apologies for the weird $0.01 price that shows with this description. Our store software requires us to enter SOMETHING in the price field, and this “product” is a discount percentage, not actually a price or anything to add to your cart!)

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