Curriculum Bundle: Financial Literacy, Human Development, Intro to Psychology, Career Exploration, Early Childhood Education to POWER UP THE TRANSCRIPT

Power Up the Transcript

Powerful Homeschool Transcript

Homeschool parents need to be aware of ways to power-up the homeschool transcript. Their homeschool high schooler’s courses need to be college-attractive while broadening their life experiences and developing their skills and interests.

One of the best ways to create a powerful homeschool transcript is to avoid generic courses where possible. Instead, have your high schooler take courses that will add *sparkle* or *pop* (as college advisors often call those).

For instance, instead of generic World History on the transcript, a powerful homeschool transcript would show something more individualized or geared to an interest area. To power-up the homeschool transcript, History and Philosophy of the Western World is a much better choice.

(Here’s a how-to post on creating a powerful homeschool transcript.)

To help homeschool high school students power-up their transcripts, 7Sisters has gathered all our power-up texts into one Power-up the Transcript Curriculum Bundle.

AND to help you create a powerful homeschool transcript, we are offering the Power-up the Transcript Bundle for 20% off the individually-priced texts…it’s like getting one book free!

PLUS with the Power-up the Transcript Bundle, you will receive a sample year-by-year schedule of the 26 credits your homeschool high schooler needs for graduation (the short-term goals for your school) – all at 20% savings.

The Power-up the Transcript Bundle contains:

  • Human Development from a Christian Worldview (My teens’ homeschool health credit, learning about the ways people grow and change from womb to senior citizen. Not only for a powerful homeschool transcript but ALSO great for any teen who currently lives in a family and needs to understand why family members do what they do and who will someday have a family of their own.)
  • Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective (This interactive, practical course is one of the most popular courses in our local homeschool group classes. My kids learned so much more than blah Consumer Math with Sara Hibbard Hayes’ Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective.)
  • High School Career Exploration Bundle (This comprehensive, Christian worldview curriculum starts with exploring God’s will, covers discovering gifts, talents, interests, and even covers mission statements and resume writing…and MORE.)

PLUS you get a 4-year guide explaining when to cover all 26 courses you need for graduation. A great way to start creating a powerful homeschool transcript.

All these bundled together for $139.92 – a 20% discount off the normal price for the individual texts of $174.90. Download your copy of Power-up the Transcript!

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