Overview of 7Sisters ELA Bundles

Overview of ELA Bundles 7SistersHomeschool.com

We have been asked for an overview of 7Sisters ELA Bundles, so here it is!

You can download this FREE PDF for an at-a-glance chart of what is included in each of 7Sisters’ four ELA bundles along with the suggested schedule for each year of comprehensive English/Language Arts bundled curriculum.

Four Full Years of English/Language Arts The ELA credit is complex — so many pieces to put together.

Sometimes, it’s good to have everything all in one place. 7Sisters’ full-year, adaptable, no busywork English/Language Arts curriculum for your high school student fits the bill. The ELA bundles include:

  • Reading with literary analysis
    • Literature Study Guides for literary analysis of books (and movies!)
  • Step-by-step Writing Guides for four types of papers:
    • Essays
    • Research papers
    • Short stories
    • Poetry
  • Vocabulary resources
  • Grammar Pocket Guide
  • Public speaking experiences
  • A clear and friendly How-To-Use section for parents
  • A suggested schedule AND
  • Tools (rubrics and suggestions) to help with grading!

Choose a bundle for your 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grader, and enjoy the adaptability of 7Sisters curriculum with the added support of a one-year comprehensive structure — your ELA credit is covered!

The free downloadable PDF gives an overview of the four 7Sisters ELA bundles:

The $75.00 price offers you 30% savings over the cost of using our Literature, High School Writing, and Speech curriculum bundles individually. (It offers 42% savings over the price you would pay if you purchased each guide a la carte!)

Why the weird names? We always want you to make 7Sisters curriculum fit YOUR homeschool, rather than trying to fit your homeschool into our curriculum. You can use any ELA bundle in the year that seems the best fit for your student. Our introductory level writing guides are in the “One Year” bundle, with intermediate level guides in the “Another Year” bundle and so forth. But if your student is a strong writer in 9th grade, and you want to use one of the more rigorous levels of writing, you should feel free to do so!

Download this free PDF for a complete overview of 7Sisters ELA Bundles

If you also would like to have a for Which ELA Curriculum Bundle is Right for YOU??, and download this FREE, informative PDF.

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Also, here’s a Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode about scheduling 7Sisters ELA Bundles.

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