Elementary School Schedule Freebie

Elementary School Schedule Freebie

Here’s a fun elementary school schedule freebie to help you get your young homeschoolers on track!

More and more families are homeschooling these days (whether permanently or temporarily)! That’s great and it’s good to have simple tools to help the homeschool process.

One of the best gifts you can give your young learners is the beginnings of time management. To make it simple, time management starts with understanding and following a basic schedule. (It helps homeschool parents, too!)

Your 7Sisters have your back on schedules! We created this adorable elementary school schedule freebie that will help you stay on track, but mostly help your youngsters stay on track, too.

This pretty schedule chart gives a week overview for your homeschooler. Featuring an undersea scene with happy fish, each day of the week is captured in a bubble. Each bubble has lines that you fill out that will tell your elementary learners what to do and when. Simple, attractive and fun!

While you are planning your inspiring and fun homeschool year with your youngsters, check out 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides. These guides are fun, hands-on activities for learning phonics, reading comprehension and thinking skills. Best yet, they are based on favorite classic books that kids know (or are about to discover). Kids love the books and the guides!

You can download a complete list of 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides (divided into grade levels) to help aid your planning. While you are choosing the activity guides for the year, start with the freebie activity guide based on Max Lucado’s You Are Special.

Download this cute elementary school schedule freebie to help your elementary-aged homeschooler get organized.

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