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Foundations of Physical Fitness, by Joel Simeon Paul Hayes, introduces students not only to the importance of incorporating exercise into one’s lifestyle, but lays the groundwork for doing so in a safe manner. The accompanying videos, designed to be used in conjunction with the text, demonstrate proper form as they lead students through increasingly more strenuous workouts. These videos were produced by Joel’s brother, Luke Josiah Samuel Hayes.

Both Joel and Luke are certified fitness instructors with and Joel has his college degree in a related field. They both compete in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) – running races that range from 3 miles with 20 obstacles to 31 miles with 60 obstacles.

The text covers the following topics:

  • Different Types of Fitness
  • Progressive Overload
  • Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises
  • Form is King
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Stretching and Mobility
  • Real Fitness vs Fake Fitness
  • Fit for Service

Foundations for Physical Fitness is designed as a 1/2-credit, 1-semester course.

However, the course can be adapted for a full credit. Here are some suggestions:

  •  working through the less difficult exercises for 16 weeks, then going through the course again, performing the more difficult exercises
  • working through the more difficult exercises for 16 weeks, then going through the course again, increasing the number of repetitions in each assigned set.

Foundations for Physical Fitness includes:

  • Text and basic videos
  • Progress Charts to complete the credit log 60-90 hours of fitness activity according to the videos and your teen’s interest
  • Tests and Answer Key
  • Suggested Syllabus

Click here for an excerpt from Foundations of Physical Fitness.

All teens need Physical Education credit for their homeschool transcript. This is a great tool to help create that credit because it gives homeschool high schoolers the knowledge AND the training for their own lifestyle of fitness.

Check out this episode with further tips for Phys Ed in this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode.

Whether your student is a couch potato or an athlete, this curriculum has lots to offer! Download it for your teens’ health!

What people are saying about Foundations of Physical Fitness:

“Hi, after years of searching for good phys. Ed curriculum and now with my Daughter entering High School I ended up purchasing yours from 7sisters. It’s perfect! I’m going through material and lesson planning right now!”– Anonymous


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