Grammar Granules – Essential Elements of English

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Homeschoolers need a reliable grammar guide on hand. Grammar is the structure by which communication is  solidly built. All of high school writing calls for a strong mastery of English grammar.

Teens must learn to correctly form phrases and clauses, maintain agreement and consistency between parts of speech or sections of writing, use punctuation precisely, and avoid common pitfalls like fragments, run-ons, and awkward use of passive voice.

Grammar Granules provides 15 pages of reference, explanation, and examples to help your teens be sure their structure for communication is solid. The guide is PDF format and downloads to your device immediately after purchase.

This grammar guide is NOT a workbook of exercises, nor is it a full-year instructional curriculum, but is, instead, a reference for writers who already have a basic grasp of the proper use of English grammar, or for parents who want some extra confidence in coaching their teens and grading their writing assignments.

Author Allison Thorp spent many years teaching not only her own teens in their homeschool, but also offering Research Paper writing classes to hundreds of families in her local homeschooling community. Again and again, she saw teens who had a general idea of how to write, but who lacked proficiency in grammar. She created this grammar guide to help them move from struggle to success. Her light-hearted, conversational style of explanation makes this guide fun for teens and parents alike, and leads to mastery and confidence in young writers.

Click here to view excerpts from Grammar Granules – Essential Elements of English.

Not sure why grammar really matters? Here are persuasive thoughts from Open University.

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