Help! We Are Drowning! What to Try When You Are Way Behind

Help! We Are Drowning! What to Try When You Are Way Behind.

What to Try When You Are Way Behind:  “Help! We Are Drowning!” Do you feel that way? We can help you when you feel that you are WAY behind in homeschool high school!

Don’t allow paralysis to keep you from facing the situation and making decisions to wisely move forward. There is no magic fix for a homeschool that is in danger of going under, but there are strategies that may help you make it back to safer waters.

Created to accompany Sabrina’s Facebook LIVE on Aug. 15, 2018, these ideas will help you when you are faced with the fear that you have gotten so far behind there is no way to recover homeschool high school.

The download works as a stand-alone article, but to get the most information and encouragement, watch the FB Live that goes with it here.

Written from a big sister to you, Sabrina blends encouragement and practical ideas to help you recover.

What to Try When You Are Way Behind

“Dear 7th Sister,

(You know that there are 6 of us at 7Sisters, and when we connect with you, YOU are our 7th sister, right?)

It happens. We start with the best of intentions and one day realize that we have gotten woefully behind in our homeschool high school journey. We feel overwhelmed and desperate. And we have decisions that must be made.

It’s my hope that these ideas will help you make the wisest decisions possible. Remember, there is not ONE RIGHT WAY to homeschool (or to catch up when you are way behind in your homeschool).

These ideas are simply that: ideas for you to try.

I’d love to hear from you with feedback as to whether or not this was helpful!

Feel free to email me at

Okay, deep breath…here we go!


Ask God to help you see things as they really are. Sometimes we feel like we are drowning, and actually we are okay, just out a little deeper than we would like to be. Sometimes we feel like we are dog-paddling pretty hard but can probably make it back to shore, when in reality we are in serious and immediate danger.

Ask the question: HOW BEHIND ARE WE?

Make notes as you answer this question. Look for measurable evidence…”



Here’s a Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode discussing what to do when you’re behind.

Also check out this post if you have a reluctant reader and need some hope and encouragement.

And for more encouragement, check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast interview with Misty Bailey.

Help! We Are Drowning! What to Try When You Are Way Behind


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