Creating & Using a Syllabus

Creating & Using a Syllabus

Here are guidelines and how-tos for creating & using a syllabus. Whether you are teaching your teens at home or in a homeschool co-op setting, you will benefit from knowing the way to create a syllabus and teach you teens to use it.

Includes basic how-to instructions on both pulling together a syllabus tailored to your teens or co-op’s needs. It also explains get your teens to understand the importance and how to of using that syllabus. (Note: you can read this same information in this post: Helping Teens become Independent Learners: Using a Syllabus.)

Also, we’ve done the work for you for a number of our 7Sisters texts. Look these FREEBIES under “Suggested Syllabus” in our co-op section of the store!

Remember: There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school AND there’s not ONE right way to create a syllabus. These instructions are for you to adapt to your own needs.

For more information on creating and using a syllabus in your homeschool high school, check out this episode of Homeschoool Highschool Podcast.

7Sisters offers suggested syllabi at no charge to some of their courses:

Do you still have teens who are homeschooling high school or are planning to homeschool high school soon? Check out 7Sisters Authoritative Guide post on planning high school.

Download today and have a lovely homeschool planning season!

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