How to Create High School Transcripts

How to Create a High School Transcript. Create meaningful transcripts with this editable PDF transcript, course checklist and detailed guide.

How to create high school transcripts!

Worried about how to handle your homeschool high schoolers’ transcripts? You are not alone. A meaningful, understandable transcript will be important for:

  • College-bound teens
  • Military-bound teens
  • Career-bound teens who will need transcripts for trade school or other trainings

We have also heard from homeschool graduates that sometimes, a decade after graduation a school, graduate program or employer wants to see the high school transcript.

Homeschool high school transcripts are important! But do not worry. We are looking out for you!

Your 7Sisters have put together everything you need for homeschool high school transcript, including:

  • File 1: A transcript template in easy-to-use editable pdf format
  • File 2: A high school checklist, to help you and your teens keep the course requirements organized
  • File 3: A detailed, 75-page guide with details on how to create a meaningful high school transcript
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File 1: Editable pdf Transcript Template

That’s right! An editable pdf transcript. Just enter your homeschool high schooler’s:

  • School name
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Courses with level, grade, amount of credit
  • Course totals
  • Activities
  • Service hours
  • Awards
  • There’s even a key so you can record how grades and levels are assigned!

File 2: Editable pdf High School Requirements Checklist

Simply digitally check off the boxes for each course your teen completes in this editable pdf that includes the basic courses your homeschool high schooler needs for graduation. On the editable pdf, the subjects are broken down by year (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades) and/or topic within the subject (for instance, in Social Studies, there are boxes to check for US History, World History, Geography, Civic, Economics, and Social Studies elective- such as Psychology).

Here are the subjects on the editable pdf high school requirements checklist:

  • Language Arts
  • Sciences
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Phys Ed
  • Fine Arts
  • Electives

File 3: How to Create Meaningful Transcripts Guide

Homeschool high schoolers and their parents can feel more confident that they are accomplishing all they need for graduation, when the follow the advice in this 75-page guide to creating meaningful transcripts.

Here is the Table of Contents for the Guide on How to Create a Meaningful Transcript:

  • How to Create a Meaningful Homeschool High School Transcript
    • Appendix A (General Transcript Information)
    • Appendix B (Planning)
    • Appendix C (Levels on the Transcript)
    • Appendix D (Course Instruction) Appendix E (Extracurricular Activities)
    • Appendix F (Competitions/Awards)
    • Appendix G (Grading)
    • Appendix H (GPA)
    • Appendix I (Electives)
    • Appendix J (Creating Interesting Courses)
    • Appendix K (Special Needs)

Download this zip file with all three documents:

  • Transcript Template Editable PDF
  • High School Requirements Checklist Editable PDF
  • How to Create Meaningful Transcripts 75-page downloadable guide
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Why is creating a meaningful high school transcript important?

Homeschool moms know what it is like: We all hear after the “What about socialization?” question.

But after that question, the “Will your student be able to attend college?” is a close second. The first key to getting into college is a meaningful, understandable transcript.

With that kind of pressure, homeschool moms (and their homeschool high schoolers) can feel lots of pressure:

  • Will they get the transcript right?
  • Will the transcript have the correct courses recorded in the correct manner?
  • Will the transcript be competitive if the homeschool high schooler is applying for a competitive college or applying for scholarships?

Don’t worry! 7Sisters has more than two decades of helping homeschool students create a meaningful transcript and successfully sending students to college.

Based on these decades of experience 7Sisters has compiled:

  • an editable pdf transcript template
  • an editable pdf high school course credit checklist
  • a myriad of blogs combined in a comprehensive “how-to” guide to help you create a meaningful transcript

to help you create a meaningful transcript for YOUR student.

Download your zip file for How to Create a Meaningful Transcript to bolster your teen’s and your confidence. Plus get an excellent start on your homeschooling high school adventures!

For lots more information on homeschooling high school with confidence, check out our Authoritative Guide Series:

For more encouragement, check out the Homeschool Highschool Podcast where Sisters Sabrina, Vicki and Kym share helpful (and often amusing) tips and interviews for homeschooling your teens. Check out this episode on assigning grades.


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