How to Start a Homeschool Support Group

How to Start a Homeschool Support Group

How to Start a Homeschool Support Group will help you if you are in an area that doesn’t have one of these groups. Download this a freebie to help get connected and supported in your homeschooling endeavors.

You’ve decided you want to branch out and homeschool “in community” — good for you!  But how do you actually make that happen?  Let Sabrina Justison guide you out of her years of experience leading a homeschool support group.

It takes smart-work (not just hard work) to get a group started, but the rewards are rich.  This guide is seven pages.

Click here to view an excerpt from How to Start a Homeschool Support Group.

We also have some tips to get you started finding a support network for your homeschool high schoolers and youngers. There are lots of practical ways you can get them connected while you build a support system. Check out this post on what to do when you can’t find other homeschool families.

ALSO for some really helpful and practical tips on the financial needs of homeschool support groups, check out the wisdom-packed episode of our friend Carol Topp the Homeschool CPA. Try these episodes:

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