Intermediate Guide to Short Story Writing: Tall Tales

Tall Tale Writing Guide

Short Story Writing: Tall Tales

Creativity is necessary for excellence in all writing formats. Once homeschooling high schoolers graduate, they will need to be able to communicate in ways that interest employers, Sunday school classes, ministries, or any other place God puts them.

Those who are heading for college will be competing for good grades on papers. If they have creativity in their use of thoughts and words, they can produce papers that are interesting to read (as opposed to 200 other drably-written papers that a professor might read).

Homeschoolers can develop confidence in their creativity skills by having some fun with their writing assignments using 7Sisters high school short story writing curriculum guides. Intermediate Guide to High School Short Story Writing: Tall Tales, is a 4-week, 26-page downloadable .pdf writing guide, written by Vicki Tillman to encourage students to capture their creativity by writing a tall tale.

Success awaits with this high school short story writing curriculum!

Presented as writing guide for the inexperienced or under-experienced writing student (or even an experienced student who has forgotten how to have fun with writing), the topics covered include:

  • character development
  • basic storyline development
  • basic story conversation using dialect
  • rubric for editing and grading

The lessons are designed for independent learning (or for use in a co-op). They are not time-consuming or full of busywork. Rather, homeschooling teens can feel not only creative but successful as they complete this guide.

Click here to view an excerpt from Intermediate Guide to High School Story Writing.

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