Research Paper Writing Guide to MLA, Acceptable for States that Reimburse

Research Paper Writing Guide to MLA, Acceptable for States that Reimburse

Your teens need the Research Paper Writing Guide to MLA, Acceptable for States that Reimburse! That is because there is NO escape from the research paper!

However, your homeschooler can feel equipped and empowered to produce a powerful and interesting paper- and be ready to ace Freshman Composition when the time comes.

What you need is no-busywork, friendly-toned research paper curriculum for high school.

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Research papers are a necessary of homeschool education. Young people need to be able to capture and organize ideas, communicate with written words, and create citations and reference pages.

This thirty-page downloadable pdf guide will:

  • lead your student through the research paper process from topic choice through final draft
  • culminate in an MLA style paper with proper citations. 
  • The process is broken down into manageable sections with lots of advice and direction for each

MLA Research Paper Writing Guide teaches necessary skills with no unnecessary busywork.

This guide is adaptable for grades 7-12 and for papers of various lengths. 

Included in the guide are:

  • helpful tips for the teacher
  • suggested schedules
  • samples
  • sample grading rubric

Using this research paper curriculum for high school with our own students and hundreds in our local homeschool community over the years, we have seen success with writers of every variety.

From those who love to write, to those who cry, “I don’t know know what to write!” Allison’s friendly, easy-to-follow steps of instruction and the manageable pieces into which she breaks the research writing process result in papers completed and students encouraged.

There is no escape from the research paper, so give your homeschooler the tools for a successful research paper experience!

Click here to view an excerpt from Research Paper Writing Guide.

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Download Research Paper Writing Guide to MLA, Acceptable for States that Reimburse and help your teens gain valuable research skills.

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