Perelandra Study Guide

Perelandra Literature Study Guide

WHO should use the  Perelandra Study Guide, based on the second book of C. S. Lewis’ revered Space Trilogy?

  • Homeschool high schoolers who are thinkers!
  • Teens who are learning to read looking for symbolism and deeper meaning to a story!
  • Young adults who want to develop their great imaginations!
  • AND anyone who has read Out of the Silent Planet!

In this second book of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, Ransom is sent on a mission to Venus where he battles demonic forces in an attempt to preserve the innocence of a young culture. Ransom discovers the importance of trusting God in dangerous situations, obeying His leading even when he does not understand, resisting despair and temptation, and standing for righteousness. As always, Lewis tackles deep concepts without ever being preachy.

Lewis’ Ransom also experiences the effects of philosophical concepts from existentialism, positivism and ontology, and learns to distinguish the good from the bad. This C. S. Lewis Perelandra study guide for high school coaches teens in noticing and analyzing these concepts. Understanding and choosing to employ or confront ideas from various philosophies is an important skill that homeschool high schoolers will begin to form while working through the Perelandra study guide.

The study guide for high school students to use with C. S. Lewis’ Perelandra is learning that contains NO busywork – like all of our guides it offers important take-aways from each book.

In Vicki Tillman’s Perelandra Study Guide for high school, homeschooling teens will gain experience in inferential skills and critical thinking. They will explore deep theological concepts. They will confront philosophies that Lewis believed are destructive…AND they will discover C.S. Lewis as a character in the book!

Our guides are easy to adapt for use at an:

  • Average High School
  • College Prep
  • Honors Level

The books of the Space Trilogy should be read in order (these must be purchased separately — CLICK our Amazon affiliate link here to purchase online — and audio recordings of the books are enjoyable as read-alongs):

  • Out of the Silent Planet
  • Perelandra
  • That Hideous Strength

The C. S. Lewis Perelandra study guide for high school comes complete with:

  • explanations of the theological and philosophical concepts in the book
  •  a guide to Lewis’ fantasy-writing format
  • vocabulary comprehension and inferential questions
  • answer key

This product downloads as two separate PDF files. One file is intended for student use. This document contains fillable fields so students can type their answers directly into the guide. The other document is the answer key, intended for the parent.

The Space Trilogy is a good high school choice as a stand-alone literature series. For students who are studying History and Philosophy of the Western World, this series is an excellent complementary choice because it will illustrate some of the concepts learned in the course. (We recommend it for the 4th quarter of the school year for History and Philosophy of the Western World students.)

Study guides to accompany ALL 3 books in the Space Trilogy may also be purchased for download in ONE volume here: The C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy Study Guides.

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Click here to view an excerpt from C. S. Lewis Perelandra Study Guide for High School.

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