Sabrina Justison Speaker – Media Kit

Invite Sabrina Justison SPEAKER to share at your event!

Sabrina’s curriculum titles include:

Sabrina Justison SPEAKER

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Sabrina loves to speak about:
  • effective strategies for helping teens learn to analyze literature
  • helping reluctant writers get unstuck
  • creating opportunities for Drama (the good kind!) in your homeschool community or church
  • personal or group mission statement creation
  • effective scheduling and work/life balance strategies
  • blended families
  • perseverance through personal adversity
  • or a topic that your group decides to ask her about!


Email to discuss possibilities. 

Speaker fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Travel fees must be reimbursed.

Read more about Sabrina in her Bio here.

Find Sabrina’s personal blog here.

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Sabrina Justison Speaker