Sabrina Justison Speaker – Media Kit

Sabrina Justison Speaker – Media Kit

Invite Sabrina Justison SPEAKER to share at your event!

Sabrina is the “bling” for 7 Sisters.  Meet Sabrina Justison and you will see her flair for the dramatic, sense of humor (have you caught her Facebook Lives on the 7Sisters FB Page each week?), her love for discussing big ideas and literature with teens, her passion for music, earrings and shoes, but get to know the Sabrina beyond the public persona, and you will find that she has a deep trust in the Lord, the ability to get to the heart of a task, and the resilience to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Invite her to speak at your event and your audience will leave encouraged, challenged and equipped!

Sabrina’s curriculum titles include:

Sabrina Justison SPEAKER

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Sabrina loves to speak about:
  • effective strategies for helping teens learn to analyze literature
  • helping reluctant writers get unstuck
  • creating opportunities for Drama (the good kind!) in your homeschool community or church
  • personal or group mission statement creation
  • effective scheduling and work/life balance strategies
  • blended families
  • perseverance through personal adversity
  • or a topic that your group decides to ask her about!


Email to discuss possibilities. 

Speaker fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Travel fees must be reimbursed.

Read more about Sabrina in her Bio here.

Find Sabrina’s personal blog here.

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Sabrina Justison Speaker

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