Site Licenses for Schools

site license for 7Sisters Homeschool

If your school would like to use one of our titles, we offer a one-year site license that allows your school to make up to 30 copies (either digital or print). The cost for this one-year site license is $400.00.

This price essentially offers a 43% discount per copy, but it limits the term to one year as copies cannot be “passed down” to incoming students enrolled in the school the same way they can be passed down from older siblings to younger in an individual family. Refusal by a school to delete/destroy all copies at the end of the one-year term is a violation of copyright.

If your school has smaller class sizes, we are willing to pro-rate the cost of the license for up to 10 students. Contact us for details.

To purchase a site license or for more information about our site licenses, email

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