Social Skills for Children

Social Skills for Children

Social Skills for Children by Vicki Tillman, MA . In this fifteen-page booklet, Vicki not only describes ten of the most important manners and “company” behaviors for children, she includes practical ways to help your children.

When elementary aged children learn how to manage themselves, figure out other children’s behaviors and handle the needs of various settings, they can have confidence. They will be able to enter new settings with more awareness of self and others. They will be able to choose their behaviors and responses. They can enjoy their young lives with less stress!

Based on a “tell, model, practice, review” type of teaching, homeschoolers see the behavior and practice it in a comfortable setting until they feel confidence in their ability. This guide will help kids with:

  • Monitoring their “American Social Distance”
  • Using friendly non-verbals
  • Reading others’ non-verbal cues
  • Eye contact and chin up!
  • Entering a conversation
  • Holding conversations
  • Acting like a listener
  • Acting a role
  • Understanding their own emotions
  • Perspective taking/ reading others’ emotions
  • Controlling oneself

Build on these manners over the holidays with the tips from this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

Click here to view an excerpt from Social Skills for Children.

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