Songs to Help Memorize American Documents

Songs to Help Memorize American Documents

Songs to Help Memorize American Documents helps homeschoolers enjoy memorizing key American documents. Homeschool parents would like their children to learn the ideals that created our American democracy. Important American documents, penned by the founding fathers and great presidents contain these ideals.

When homeschoolers can memorize these key documents, they can better internalize and apply those ideals.

The problem is that memorization of old documents can be difficult…and BORING!

That’s why homeschool graduate, Ezra Tillman, created a series of videos and shared them on YouTube. In each of these videos, he show engaging historic paintings and photos that are accompanied by a catchy song with the words of one of our of important American documents. (In most cases, just the most critical parts of the document are included in the song and video.)

Ezra Tillman is a middle school American History and Geography teacher. He composed these songs for his students to help them memorize important American documents. He shared the recordings of his songs on YouTube so that other young people can learn the documents that formed the ideals of America.

Feel free to download the links and use the YouTube videos with your students. They will enjoy memorizing these fundamental American documents. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THESE SONGS!

Currently there are 4 videos, but keep an eye out here, because Ezra is working on more songs to help memorize important American documents.

These are the 4 songs:

It’s good for teens to memorize poetry. Memorization builds attention skills and thinking skills. Here are a couple of other memorization tools.

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