Successful Experiential Resume Writing

Experiential Resume Writing Guide

Successful Experiential Resume Writing tells teens how to create a resume that highlights skills and experiences rather than job history.

Many teens possess special skills and have had great experiences that could secure them an interview for a paying job if only the hiring manager could learn about them. Introduce them to Experiential Resume Writing!

This practical 5-page, step-by-step resource from Vicki Tillman, MA, helps your teen create an Experiential Resume that will open doors for employment!

  • Sample resume included.
  • Downloads immediately in convenient .pdf format.

Successful Experiential Resume Writing is just one of the skills that homeschool high schoolers need for their job hunts. For a comprehensive High School Career Exploration curriculum, download our High School Career Exploration Curriculum textbook.

The Career Exploration textbook contains (note that it includes Successful Experiential Resume Writing):

For more help with the job hunt, check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Job Hunting Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers.

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