MLA Research Paper Syllabus

Suggested Syllabus for MLA Research Paper Writing Guide

This is a suggested Syllabus for MLA Research Paper. While there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school, it is sometimes nice to see an already-successful syllabus.

This is the syllabus we 7Sisters have used in our homeschool co-op and group classes to accompany 7Sisters MLA Research Paper Writing Guide.

The six-page syllabus covers several different paces of learning and research. Students choose a four-, six-, eight-, or ten-week schedule. Download this freebie and adjust it as you please.

If your homeschool high schoolers are feeling intimidated by the research paper process (many teens feel this way…research papers are a HUGE project!), listen to this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Research Papers: You CAN Do It!

How do you choose which research paper to work on each year? There’s not ONE right way to handle research paper writing, but we suggest APA-Style Research Paper Writing Guide first (here’s a helpful post that explains the difference between APA and MLA), MLA Research Paper Writing Guide next, then Chicago-Style Research Paper Writing Guide after that. Senior year is a good year to do something fun, like Creative Chronicling as a fun type of “research”.

Don’t forget that 7Sisters offers a special discount to homeschool co-ops and group classes.

For tips on how to help your teen get their research paper done, check out this post.

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