The Ending of Mark – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation

The Ending of Mark Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations
The Ending of Mark – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation is a no-charge presentation to help build an Apologetics credit for homeschool high school. Does Mark really end with ‘they were afraid’?
This voice-over powerpoint presentation helps clear up questions about the origin and authenticity of the Bible as part of a homeschool high school Apologetics credit.

Find out more with Dr. Gerald R. Culley, the classics professor emeritus from University of Delaware (and a homeschool grandfather) in this presentation!

Dr. Gerald Culley has a ministry to young believers. Statistically, they are at risk: two-thirds of them will leave the church by age 20, largely because of secret doubts about the Bible. He offers a series of interesting lectures on how archaeology, history and science support our faith in Scripture.

Click here to view a brief video from Dr. Culley as he explains the Apologetics presentations.


  • These lectures may be presented in either of two ways.
  • PowerPoint-based, they will run automatically with timed advances and narration.
  • Alternatively, you may mute the sound and use the accompanying script to have a live presenter before the audience.

Though offered freely, they are copyrighted material; the files may not be modified or sold, nor may admission be charged for any performance.

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Here’s a list of the entire collection (along with a syllabus for Apologetics)

The Ending of Mark – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation