The Search for the Solution – sample copy

a play The search fo solution

Welcome to the newest reality TV show! “The Search for the Solution” takes pairs of contestants and presents them with a moral and ethical dilemma fraught with political implications. Each pair may then use any means they choose to search for clues to the solution – expert advice, public opinion, research, inside-information, etc. – and bring those clues back for evaluation by a panel of judges. Is your information helpful or not helpful? Based on the results each pair produces, teams are voted off the show as time goes on.

As the number of pairs grows smaller, the host reveals more complications, and solving the dilemma seems overwhelming. Contestants still competing struggle to accept the solution and its impact on them all.

Cast requirements:  25

Set requirements – none.  Simple table and chairs may be used.

Costuming – modern casual clothes

Click here to view an excerpt from The Search for the Solution.

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