Tips for Grading Writing FREEBIE

Tips for Grading Writing freebie

Grading writing assignments in your homeschool high school can be intimidating for some parents. This freebie offers a simple philosophy, practical tips, and a rubric template to help your student grow as a writer while YOU grow in confidence as a grader!

When your homeschoolers were in elementary or middle school, you had a lot of leverage on whether to grade assignments or not. Many homeschooling parents skip the pressure of grading tests, projects and papers until high school and concentrate on making learning fun. No problem with that!

High school is another matter. Homeschool high schoolers, just like traditionally-schooled teens, need grades because they must have a transcript! Transcripts require grades. However, if you are not familiar with the grading process, it can feel intimidating.

Don’t worry! Your 7Sisters have your back. We developed this tips for grading writing freebie to give your skills and confidence. You can do this!

Download this valuable freebie today and make your grading process SO much easier!

For more on grading, we have these helpful posts:

Also, 7Sisters offers some posts and resources for rubrics:

These rubrics may be tweaked or tossed according you goals and your teens’ needs and goals.

To take a look at 7Sisters’ no-busywork, day-by-day, step-by-step teaching style, take a look at this excerpt from our Advanced Guide to High School Writing.

Check our our Authoritative Guide on High School Writing Requirements and for a in-depth discussion on goals and grading writing assignments for homeschool high school, check out this post.


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