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Vicki Tillman, LPCMH, BCC

Vicki Tillman media kit

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We are sometimes asked for this so here is Vicki Tillman’s Media Kit. Vicki (and Sabrina) are happy to discuss guest blogging and speaking for your group.  Download Vicki’s media kit.

Here is Vicki’s Bio:

Vicki Tillman’s mission is to advance God’s kingdom by investing in people. She has lived this call as advisor to the upperclassmen in her local homeschool community since 1996. A homeschooling mom for 20-plus years, all five of Vicki’s children graduated from homeschool high school and have completed (or are pursuing) various degrees at college and graduate levels.

A speaker, curriculum developer and advisor to homeschoolers, Vicki shares her expertise in homeschooling, prayer, and mental health topics through her Homeschool Highschool Podcast and posts at 7 Sisters, Vicki Tillman Coaching, 2:1 Conference, Pike Creek Psychological Center and Vicki Talks Prayer. 

Vicki holds an MA in Counseling from Liberty University, and has worked as a counselor at Pike Creek Psychological Center since 1996. She is also National Board Certified Coach through the Centers for Credentialing and Education and practices as a life and career coach.

Vicki speaks on:

  • Career topics (job search, interview skills, resume building)
  • Finding and fulfilling one’s purposes in life
  • How to homeschool high school
  • Helping your teens find their strengths and interests
  • How to do the college search
  • How to handle “life crises” (quarter-life, mid-life, retirement)
  • How to live healthily
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude

Read more about Vicki here.


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