Writing Your Homeschool Mission Statement

Writing your homeschool mission statement

What is a Homeschool Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a piece of writing that articulates, in summary form, the aims and values of an organization; it captures what is most important to you in brief statements or paragraphs. It is a tool you can use when you are trying to evaluate options and make choices, because it helps you recognize what REALLY matters to you most, so that you can choose actions that will move you toward your goals.

Parents who write a homeschool mission statement will find that the exercise helps them:

    • clarify priorities
    • set goals for the long haul
    • improve communication (inside and outside your homeschool)
    • stand firm against missional drift

This mission statement is unique to your family, your homeschool. No two homeschool mission statements will be identical…



Homeschool Mission Statement



Homeschool Mission Statement