Electives & Career Exploration

Go beyond the basics of Health for a sparkle transcript credit

Health & Social Sciences

Go beyond the basics of Health for a sparkle transcript credit

Consumer Math & Financial Literacy

Choose Electives wisely for a powerful high school experience

High School English/Language Arts One-Year Bundles

Full-Year comprehensive ELA curriculum teens will love

Literature Guides

Real thinking and learning with no busywork and no overkill

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning

Study the elements of good literature using the medium of movies!

High School American Literature Study Guides

Books filled with rich writing, enhanced by our no-busy-work study guides that focus on a wide range of literary devices, highlighting the United States at various points in history for high school success.

High School British Literature Study Guides

Enrichment and understanding without overkill! These study guides help your high school student get the most out of great works of British Literature.

High School Great Christian Writers Literature Study Guides

Books to stir your students’ hearts as well as challenge their minds…enhanced by the use of a study guide for understanding and application.

High School Literature Study Guides: C.S. Lewis

Literature Study Guides for high school students to accompany the writings of one of the greatest Christian writers and apologists of all time.

High School World Literature Study Guides

These high school level study guides bring rich learning and enjoyment to the reading of classics from around the world — with NO busywork!

Middle School Literature Guides

No-busywork, great comprehension-building for middle school readers!

Elementary Literature Guides

Two kinds of guides for young readers – ACTIVITY GUIDES for very early readers, and STUDY GUIDES for somewhat more advanced readers…all with no busywork!

Literature & Writing Curriculum BUNDLES

Reading and Writing curriculum bundled for you

English & Writing

Essays, Grammar, Poetry, Short Stories, Research Papers and writing for the real world

Poetry Writing Curriculum

Poetry writing at a variety of levels – fun and creative!

Short Story Writing Curriculum

Tell me a story! Guides for creative kids and reluctant writers alike at a high school or confident middle school level.

Real-World Writing Curriculum

Writing skills aren’t only for academics; high school students need to learn to write for real-world scenarios.

Essay Writing Curriculum

Essay writing is an important skill for middle school and high school students to master. It equips students for real-life as well as success in school.

Research Writing Curriculum

Research papers don’t need to be intimidating to high school students. You just need someone to guide you through the process. For MLA or APA style papers.

Speech and Drama

Build confident communication skills and have FUN doing it

Elementary Homeschool Resources

For parents and students homeschooling in the younger grades.

Homeschool Planning

Create a plan to guide your homeschool and help you reach your goals

Co-Ops, Group Classes and Schools

We offer a 33% discount off the regular price for any 7Sisters title that you choose to teach in a co-op setting. This is to encourage your group to both honor copyright AND make good use of your homeschool dollars. Send an email to info@7sistershomeschool.com and briefly tell us about your co-op.

Homeschool Coaching

Get one-on-one mentoring from a “big sister” homeschooling veteran

Spiritual Walk – Devotional Materials

Devotional materials to encourage your time in Bible study and prayer

Christian Apologetics FREE Presentations

Good Answers Christian Apologetics Free Presentations from Dr. Gerald Culley.


Homeschool FREE resources always fit the budget

The Complete 7Sisters Library

All of our titles, but not arranged in a very user-friendly manner.