Is Psychology Biblically Okay for a Homeschool High School Subject?

Join us for a discussion on this topic: Is Psychology biblically okay for a homeschool high school subject?

Is Psychology Biblically Okay for Homeschool High School Course? answers the question of whether or not the Bible would support a Psychology course.

Is Psychology Biblically Okay for a Homeschool High School Subject?

Sometimes I get questions about 7Sisters’ Psychology from a Christian Perspective text:

  • Is it biblically okay for a homeschool high school subject?
  • Can Christians study psychology?
  • Is psychology scriptural?

These are valid questions for people who take the Word of God seriously. Secular psychology was pioneered by godless men who saw no need for religion. This gave psychology a bad name in the Christian community.

However, it did not take psychological researchers too long to realize that human beings are not simply “brains” or “emotions”. These days, even secular psychologists are understanding that spirituality is part of being healthy: Humans are, after all, spirit, soul and body. (Isn’t it amusing that science eventually catches up with Scripture…)

These days, psychology (or mental health) is important to study. In a world full of social media, internet connectedness and personal disconnectedness, there is more depression and anxiety than ever.

What does Scripture say about Psychology?

IS psychology okay for a homeschool high school subject? When you think about it creatively, God was the first and best psychologist:

God cared about healthy relationships. How much of the Bible is dedicated to relationship? LOTS. How about this most important verse: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

God cares about what we think about. How much of the Bible is dedicated to our thought life? LOTS. How about this important verse: …bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

God cares about our broken hearts. For those of us who are Christian counselors (that’s my *paying job*), our guiding verses are from Isaiah 61 where he talks about healing the broken hearted, setting captives (addictions) free, comforting those who mourn, giving beauty for ashes…

These are all topics addressed in a good homeschool psychology course. Teens who want to study psychology will find that a high school psychology course that is taught from a Christian perspective is a good way to start. (For the college-bound teens, a Christian-worldview psychology course give them a good infrastructure for their college-level psychology courses that are usually taught from a more secular viewpoint.)

When my kids first started high school (it has been a long time ago), there were no high school psychology courses from a Christian worldview. The secular texts that were available at the time were long, boring and taught tons of useless information. I wanted my teens to “like psych”.

introduction to psychology

So, I put together a fun homeschool high school psychology course from a Christian worldview. It is level-able (written at an average high school level and included enrichment activities that can meaningfully add rigor to the course so that college-bound teens can honestly earn an Honors level credit.)

The text also includes a chapter on how to handle things when a friend is in crisis. Teens tell me they appreciate that chapter most of all.

I believe psychology is biblically okay for a homeschool high school subject… and it is useful for real life AND homeschool transcripts (colleges often want .5 credit in social sciences).

Download 7Sisters Psychology from a Christian Perspective for your teens. Also, download these lesson plans that give objectives and extra ideas for each chapter of the text.

introduction to psychology lesson plansNote: This text can be used to accompany our online, self-paced Psychology course.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective Online Course
Click image for more details.

Take a look at Sabrina’s fun Facebook live about Psychology as a High School Elective.


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Is Psychology Biblically Okay for a Homeschool High School Subject?

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