8 Great Reading Categories for Homeschool High School Part 2

Teens need to choose from a variety of reading categories for homeschool high school. This is Part 2 of the Reading Categories series.

8 Great Reading Categories for Homeschool High School

Reading Categories for Homeschool High School

If you did not read part 1 yet, start here 8 Important High School Reading Categories. 

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on important reading categories for homeschool high school. Here are more categories to help prepare your teen for life and college.

Persuasive materials:

Everything on your student’s book list doesn’t have to be actual books. Evaluation skills in reading will really be sharpened by reading persuasive texts, persuasive essays and satire, newspaper articles and even intelligent discussion on an internet forum are important inclusions in your child’s reading experience.  Just log the approximate length of the pieces, and when you have the equivalent of about 100 pages of text, there’s no reason not to count that as if it were a book….publishers do it all the time and call it “The Collected Something-or-Other!”

Contemporary Literature:

This category is more likely to be overlooked by homeschoolers; we love the idea of sticking with the classics! But if our children are going to be equipped to be in the world (but not of it) after graduation, they need exposure to well-written contemporary literature.

The Right Stuff Literature Study Guide

Keep your ears open to hear what books people you respect are talking about, then search on the internet for that book title and see what the discussion about it is.  Does it sound like it doesn’t have a slew of spiritual “red flags” attached to it?  Read it first, or read it along with your child (often literature study guides help deal with uncomfortable readings) and you may have some tremendous conversation as you encounter a new book together. Two popular literature study guides are Fahrenheit 451 and The Right Stuff.

Catalog-style information, Instructional Manuals, and Scientific Information:

All of these types of writing cause your student to use her brain to read for information, to scan, to make quick decisions about what she is reading. I have a child who was a strong story-reader, and I was shocked to find well into high school that we had neglected this type of reading, and following an instruction manual, or quickly scanning an article for key points was a weak skill.  It’s one of the greatest life-skill applications of reading, and it shouldn’t be neglected.


Poetry helps a homeschool high schooler enrich his attention, creative thought, and analytical skills. Even non-poets should read some light-hearted poetry to get him inspired and prepared for the poetry he’ll face in college. 7Sisters’British Literature and Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats are accessible and fun poetry.

Old Possums Book of Practical Cats Literature Guide

Download some great study guides in different genres and expand your teens’ interests in literature!


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Reading Categories for Homeschool High School

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