Realistic Homeschool Goals

Best to be flexible when setting homeschool goals.

Stuff breaks.  People get sick.  Things have a way of misplacing themselves.

It’s important to take your homeschooling seriously, to set goals, to persevere.

It’s just as important (especially for the Type-A folks among us) to keep it flexible.

Blessed are the flexible

Where would you be wise to bend a little today?

True story:

I was asked to put together a small ensemble of musicians from our homeschool praise band to play two songs at our homeschool community’s graduation this afternoon.  I tried, but people’s schedules just didn’t cooperate.  Finally yesterday morning I simply contacted the coordinator of the event, told her the situation, and together we said, “Oh, what a shame.  It would have been nice to have the kids play.”  And then we moved on to plan B for the event.  The world did not actually come to an end.  We were flexible, and it was a blessing.

Remember: You can’t fit everything in but you can be creative so that your teens has the academics they need and the extracurricular experiences they need. Here’s a post to help figure out how to fit things in for homeschool high school.


eBookstoreAll of our 7 Sisters curriculum is created to be flexible — easily adapt it to your homeschool.

We include suggestions for using textbooks and study guides at a various levels from average high school to honors.  Supplemental resources and suggested activities make it easy for mom to know how to use our ebooks to reach her homeschool goals.

Adaptability — just one of the unique features of curriculum from


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