Resources for Parents of Autism Spectrum Homeschool Teens

Here are some favorite resources for parents of autism spectrum homeschool teens.

Resources for Parents of Autism Spectrum Homeschool Teens

Resources for Parents of Autism Spectrum Homeschool Teens

The US Center for Disease control estimates that 1 in 88 children born in the US are somewhere on the autism spectrum. That’s a lot of kids with a lot of parents needing resources. However, these days there are more resources available for homeschooling parents.

Also, at the same time an increasing number of people understanding that autism can be accepted as neurodiversity rather than an illness. 7Sisters has worked to make sure our Psychology curriculum updates include this understanding.

So, based on my service as a homeschooling advisor and a mental health counselor, I’ve accumulated a few resources to help. Can you add some more?

Facebook Pages that are encouraging:

Here is my post on understanding Autism, Asperger’s and Homeschooling and our tiny workbook on learning Social Skills. (These are the 10 skills I teach the teens with Aspergers that I work with.)

Also, check out this marvelous post about communication with young people on the autism spectrum.

There are tons of various resources on 7Sisters Homeschool Special Needs Pinterest Board.

Check out this interview with Penny Rogers of Our Crazy Adventures with Autism.

Resources for Parents of Autism Spectrum Homeschool Teens

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  1. Please share your favorite resources for autism spectrum kids!
    I received this from Jenny Wise at

    She has a huge list of posts about autism and education at her site. Here’s her note:

    As a homeschool teacher and the parent of an autistic child, I’ve learned a lot about how important it is to pay attention to the individual needs of _every_ student — especially special education students, who may need specific classes or individual help to be successful. It can be tough to know the best approach when reaching out to those with special needs, so I’ve done some research to help educators and
    families get started. I’m at:

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