Should You Include Resume with Homeschool Transcript?

Should your homeschool high schooler include an experiential resume along with the homeschool transcript when applying for college?

Resume with Homeschool Transcript

Resume with Homeschool Transcript

Another thing to think about?? Resumes included with the homeschool transcript when applying for college??? Do the things that college-bound teens must do ever end?

No, not really. But here’s one you can choose! It isn’t a MUST but it is a SPARKLE!

Experiential Resume Writing Guide

Homeschool high schoolers who have had rich experiences with extracurriculars, competitions and/or service may want to include an experiential resume with their transcript when applying for college. (Click here for 7Sisters helpful guide on composing an experiential resume.)

Colleges rarely ask for something like this, but my experience with admissions officers is that they appreciate the additional information on students who have been particularly active during high school.

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Experiential resumes are not typical job-application resumes. Job-application resumes usually only include a list of jobs and skills executed in those jobs. An experiential resume, on the other hand, is a list of experiences (extracurriculars, competitions, service- and even jobs) that show what an amazing person your homeschool high schooler is.

When your homeschool high schooler is applying for college, he can:

  • On a paper form for an individual college, he can simply staple his resume to his transcript.
  • When completing an online application on Common Application or SendEdu, first create a PDF with both transcript and resume together
  • OR
  • Attach the experiential resume to the “Additional Information” section.

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Also, be sure to have your teen give a copy of his experiential resume with the homeschool transcript to the people who write his references. This will help them compose a rich and helpful reference.

Some examples of good things to put on experiential resumes include:

7Sisters Homeschool Experiential Resume Writing Guide is a short, comfortably-priced, easy guide that REALLY helps teens get that resume written! Download it today!


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Resume with Homeschool Transcript

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