Sara Hayes- the Wise One at 7SistersHomeschool

Sara Hayes Consumer Math Financial Literacy

Sara Hayes: If Sara says something, we stop and listen! (She’s always right!)

God has a place in the world for quiet people, too…you know, those who prefer a backstage, supportive role to the public spotlight of leadership. Sara is one of those quiet people, and God has used her mightily backstage in a variety of roles over the years. That’s why we call her the Wise One at 7SistersHomeschool.

Sara and her husband Carl have homeschooled their five sons from the starting gun to the finish line. After many years of homeschooling all those boys, she graduated her last kid in 2011.

How did Sara learn how to be so wise?

In her father’s Christian bookstore! Sara grew up in her father’s bookstore. There, she gained many years of experience with bookkeeping and customer service, and her excellence with numbers keeps the less-precise Sisters from accidentally ruining the business! Her history in the business world impelled her to create 7Sisters’ ever-popular Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective.

She has taught science, history, and literature in co-ops, Algebra and Consumer Math at Mt Sophia Academy (our local homeschool umbrella school), and managed the Tri-State Homeschool Network’s Senior Chorale and its sixty+ high school singers.

One of Sara’s top roles with 7Sisters is as editor. Sara is the one who can answer any question about Oxford commas or anything else grammar or style related. She is also one of the kind folks who answer lots of our info@ emails! Check out her picks for Financial Literacy curriculum.

Her gentle voice may not bellow over the crowd, but words of encouragement are always on her lips.

Sara Hayes