SAT Prep Reading – Developing Neural Stamina in High School

Sat prep reading, I am thankful for World Literature and British Literature and the many difficult books that my kids have read during their homeschool high school years. I’ll tell you why:

sat prep reading

SAT Prep Reading

SAT Prep Reading is important. I was reading some sample questions from the new edition of the SAT that will be released in 2016. Some of the questions seem quite logical and easy to read. However, a couple of them require careful attention to a passage that is written in a dense and complicated manner.

(Here is a post in US News and World Report with sample questions:)

I wonder how many kids who are immersed in modern literature will have the focus-stamina and vocabulary power to comfortably read those passages. Fortunately, many homeschool parents give their high schoolers a good mix of modern, religious, and older, more difficult books to read.

My 17 year old completed challenging books over his high school years (some are listed below, and many more not on this list). He also completed study guides from 7 Sisters which helped develop real vocabulary and comprehension/inference skills- in a user-friendly, no-busywork format.

The Republic- Plato

Antigone- Sophocles

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Les Miserables- Victor Hugo

The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

The Three Musketeers- Alexandre Dumas

Uncle Vanya- Anton Checkov

A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens

Sense and Sensibility- Jane Austen

Pilgrim’s Progress- John Bunyan

The Invisible Man- HG Wells

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- RL Stevenson

The Practice of the Presence of God- Brother Lawrence

Born Again- Chuck Colson

These have helped him develop neural stamina for tough SATs or college classes. Each of the books helped him develop critical thinking skills and a strong vocabulary. He was well prepared for the SATs and college.

I highly recommend each of these for your homeschool high schooler. I recommend spreading them out over the years and adding lots of fun, inspirational or topical reading, too. Here is a link from our local homeschool umbrella school in case you’re wondering HOW much reading a homeschool high schooler should do.

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SAT Prep Reading

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