How to Make the Most of Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript

How to make the most of senior year on the homeschool transcript? Here are 7 ups for a terrific 12th grade.

Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript

Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript

You want to make the most of senior year on the homeschool transcript. Even though colleges will be accepting students without really knowing all your high schoolers’ achievements for the year, they still want to see in 12th grade:

  • rigor in academics
  • sparkle in course choices
  • community involvement
  • drive

Here are 7 “ups” to create a great 12th grade transcript:

Individualize-up: Choose courses that show development of interests or strengths. Seniors planning Science majors in college may want to study Advanced Biology or Advanced Chemistry. A future Music Major may want extra performance credits like Choir or Recording Studio. Your teens UP the attractiveness on the transcript when they go in-depth in the interest areas. AND it shows drive!

Level-up: Make sure your teens are working at a rigorous level in at least one interest area. For more competitive colleges, most classes will need to be leveled up. Read this post for how-to information. Another way to level-up is to choose a more powerful course. For instance, choose Financial Literacy, which goes more in-depth on the topics of finances and planning, rather than a generic Consumer Math.

Sparkle-up: Throw in an course that is beyond the ordinary, something different! I’ve heard admissions officers call this SPARKLE on the transcript (and they said they like SPARKLE)

Character-up: This is your last shot at making sure your homeschool high schoolers have developed solid character qualities. Give them some curriculum that inspires them: biographies as part of their literature that show good character: Mother Teresa, Joni, Chuck Colson, and Brother Andrew were some of our teens’ favorites.

Spiritual-up: Solidify your homeschool high schoolers’ spiritual foundation and capture sparkle courses on the transcript by adding Apologetics (have you seen our FREE, no prep course?), Prayer studies, Bible history, missions trips.

Fun-up: Don’t let senior year go by without some absolutely fun and memorable extracurriculars and service opportunities. This adds SPARKLE to the transcript, but more importantly lets your homeschool high schooler complete his education with you in a happy way!

Build UP your teens’ senior year on the homeschool transcript and have a terrific year. God has plans for your teens. It will be exciting to watch them unfold!


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Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript

Vicki Tillman

Blogger, curriculum developer at, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

2 Replies to “How to Make the Most of Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript”

  1. Hi Chris,
    That’s a good question. There’s not a standard for whether or not to list spring semester on the fall version of the transcript. If you decide to list the courses, simply note the course title and add: Spring Semester.
    However, many college applications ask for planned spring courses. If your son’s college applications ask for these, I wouldn’t recommend skipping that information.
    Here’s a post that you might find helpful (it’s about first quarter grades):

  2. My son is currently applying to colleges. I have his transcript ready and it includes the classes that he is currently taking (1st semester senior year- no grades yet), but we haven’t decided yet what he is doing for the spring semester. Do I need to put on what we might do or is it okay to wait? Do people usually list classes for the whole senior year?

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