Write a Fantasy Short Story in High School

Teens have so much fun writing a fantasy short story in high school!

Write a Fantasy Short Story in High School. Teens love writing myth-fantasy but trying to create an entire book can be too much! Here is how to make fantasy writing do-able: a short story! #HomeschoolHighSchool #MythFantasyShortStoryWriting #HighSchoolFantasyWritingProject

Write a Fantasy Short Story in High School

Fantasy is such a hot genre these days! Because of this popularity, it is easy to get homeschool high schoolers motivated to write short stories…IF you give them a way to easily step into the process!

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Here are some steps for writing a fantasy in high school

The first step of inspiring your teens to write a short story is to re-introduce them to myth-fantasy through family read-alouds and movies in the genre. Reading books like C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia or J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a great place to start. Follow up by showing them the movies.

The next step is to build on the inspiration they get from the books and movies and have your homeschool high schoolers write a fantasy short story!

(Notice that I said, “short story”. Teens sometimes think they need to churn out a tome if they are going to write fiction. Then they get overwhelmed and quit! Have them create a 2-5 page short story instead. They will actually complete the story AND love it! Then some of the WILL get so excited they will create a full-length book.)

What makes 7Sisters Myth-fantasy writing guide special?

When teens write fantasy short story using 7Sisters writing guide, they will get step-by-step instructions that take them from start to finish through creating a truly fun story. 

Homeschoolers can enjoy a powerful creative experience by writing a short story in the fantasy format (this truly is the genre of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien). 7Sisters Myth-fantasy Writing Guide follows the myth-fantasy “formula” familiar to the storytellers of ancient times and modern writers like Lewis.

Homeschool writers experience the real thing!

And they sharpen their creative skills while thinking about friendships, different kinds of people, and ideas worth fighting for (like their faith). That’s because, as its essence, that is what myth-fantasy is all about: creativity, friends and colleagues of different kinds AND great ideas!

Advanced Guide to Short Story Writing: Myth-Fantasy is a downloadable pdf e-text. It has been vetted by homeschool high schoolers over the years. It ushers homeschoolers with some short story experience (Teens with no short-story writing experience might feel more comfortable if they start with Family Narrative Short Story, move onto Tall Tales and then experience Myth-Fantasy. However, there’s no stopping an excited teen with no short-story writing experience; let them dive on into the myth-fantasy guide.)

The e-workbook is a delightful 5-week writing process that includes how-to’s and grading rubric:

  • Week 1: What is Myth-Fantasy?
  • Week 2: “Getting-Started Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story
  • Week 3: “Make-it-Happen Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story
  • Week 4: “Closing Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story
  • Week 5: Pulling the Myth-Fantasy Story Together

Give your homeschooling high schooler the creative tools he/she needs for  more meaningful communication!

Powerful and meaningful communication happens when homeschooling high schoolers think creatively. As C.S. Lewis says, “Creativity is our soul’s organ of meaning”, so let them have meaning and SO much fun writing a fantasy short story in high school!


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Write a Fantasy Short Story in High School

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