3 Ways to Add Speech for a Powerful Homeschool Transcript

Your teen needs public speaking, but HOW can you add speech for a powerful homeschool transcript? Here’s how:

3 Ways to Add Speech for a Powerful Homeschool Transcript

Speech for a Powerful Homeschool Transcript

Public Speaking (or Speech) is a great way to power-up a transcript. Our teens have been telling us for years that the public speaking skills they learned in their high school years have been helpful in their adult years. Not only that, but these skills have sometimes helped them create a more college-attractive transcript.

When we 7Sisters created our Speech 1 curriculum for homeschool high schoolers, we pulled in the same material that our teens used. We worked on making public speaking fun, not just useful, so that teens could have more positive feelings about their Speech experiences. Click here to view an excerpt of 7Sisters Speech 1.

However, Speech is not the only way that homeschool high schoolers can earn a Public Speaking credit! (It’s sort of like the idea that there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school…there’s not ONE right way to earn Speech credit!)

Here are 3 ways you can plan your high school experiences to add Speech for a powerful homeschool transcript:

1) Drama:

An easy way for teens to break into public speaking is with Drama. Learning a monologue, participating in a play in your homeschool support group, or doing a readers theater in your co-op are GREAT ways to introduce public speaking to your high schoolers. (BTW- 7 Sisters Speech curriculum includes some fun monologue experiences.) Homeschool high schoolers often tell us that their experiences with drama helped them gain confidence. They also felt drama was an excellent introduction to public speaking.

Speech I: Public Speaking curriculum from 7SistersHomeschool.com
Click image for full description.

2) Poetry:

Have your homeschool high schoolers choose, memorize and present a poem. Poetry memorization is totally hip these days (check out Poetry Out Loud and local Poetry Slams). So, your homeschool high schoolers can get a taste of stylin’ while gaining some powerful Speech skills.

(BTW- Poetry memorization is ANOTHER simple way we ease teens into public speaking in 7Sisters fun Speech curriculum.)

3) Kiddie Literature Read-Alouds:

You never outgrow read alouds! When homeschool high schoolers read their favorite childhood books to their peers, everyone feels nostalgic and happier, as well!

Just try some kiddie literature read alouds and see! (BTW- This is another activity in 7Sisters Speech curriculum. The activities in the text are the same ones used by our popular local Rhetoric Team for the more than a decade- so there is a great track record to show their effectiveness.)

Your teens need speech for a powerful homeschool transcript! It may feel scary for them to think about it, but they will thank you for it later!

Don’t worry if teaching speech makes you nervous! We have tips to help.


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Speech for a Powerful Homeschool Transcript


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