Spring Semester for Homeschool High Schoolers- What to Get Done

Make sure you have got it covered! Spring Semester for Homeschool Teens: What to Get Done.

Spring Semester for Homeschool High Schoolers- What to Get Done

Spring Semester for Homeschool Teens: What to Get Done

Most of us have been there at one time or the other in our homeschooling careers: springtime arrives and we are:

  • Behind in a subject or two,
  • Bewildered about what needs to be done on the “extras” (like college searches, registration for testing, etc), OR
  • Bemused that we are actually on task!

Hey, when you have a year where everything is on task, throw a party! That is awesome!!

For the other two points, though, let’s talk about what to get done during springtime in your homeschool high school.

Spring semester academics: what to get done

Remember, there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school. So handle springtime in the way that is best for your family. However, here are some guidelines that have been helpful for our 7Sister families.

Springtime is a good time to evaluate where you and your homeschool high schoolers are in their goals and syllabi for the year

You can do this with your teen (an excellent idea) and, if you have an umbrella school advisor, with that guide.

  • If your teen is on track, celebrate! That’s awesome. Just keep plugging.
  • On the other hand, if your teen is behind on some subjects, do not panic. This is a human thing. Life happens. So take some deep breaths together and do some recalibrating. Then:
    • Remind yourselves that this is not a disaster
    • Review the goals for graduation (these can help you and your teen to readjust this year’s expectations…or to adjust that goal)

      Help! We Are Drowning! What to Try When You Are Way Behind.
      Click image for full description.
    • Redo this year’s goals and syllabi for a realistic conclusion of the academic year (even if that means summertime academics)
      • Your teen might be able to:
        • Work on the subject into the summer
          • Settle for 1/2 credit this year and maybe another 1/2 credit next year (this is usually most useful with electives)
          • Level down from honors to college prep
          • Drop a chapter in the textbook (as long as it does not prevent earning a credit)
          • Or other creative methods to get done what must get done!

You can download this quick guide for more support for handling when your teen’s academics are behind.

Try to work in some fun activities

If you have some time, plan a few academic-related fun activities such as:

  • Fun unit studies and/or literature studies for your
    • high schoolers such as a catty unit study
    • seniors love Creative Chronicling:
      • It includes short story writing, plus project planning, plus media and computer skill development in a senior year
    • middle schoolers (with these free literature study guides)
  • For moms: Our Cousin Natalie Mack has a marvelous journal for reflecting while learning a true expert’s 101 Homeschool Tips.
  • Field trips (our co-op field trips are the things our adult kids still talk about years afterwards)

    High School Guide to Creative Chronicling, Acceptable for State Reimbursement
    Click image for full description.

What are the “beyond academics” that your teens need to get done during the spring semester?


For college-bound homeschool high schoolers, registering for testing can be important. More colleges these days are not requiring the admissions-type testing such as SATs or ACTs. However, some colleges do want these test scores and many use the scores in the algorithm for grants or scholarships. With that in mind, registering for these tests often takes place during early spring.

Also if teens want to take testing for college-credit, check on information for taking these tests:

Some teens might participate in achievement testing with local homeschool umbrella schools or online sources. These achievement tests are generally administered in the spring.

College-bound seniors

Federal financial aid applications (FAFSA) must be filed in the spring or before. Be sure to check your state guidelines for dates, as well as deadlines required by specific colleges.

If you have time, take a few springtime moments to talk about skills needed for college success.

It is good to start learning study skills and writing skills necessary for college.

Study skills are so important. Some teens are just born knowing these skills. However, many teens must actually be trained in order to be prepared to handle college-level work. Study skills can include:

Writing skills are another vital college-prep skill. Our homeschool graduates often thank us for all those research papers, essays,  short stories and poems they had to write in high school- especially the research papers, such as:

Lastly, if it is springtime and you have a senior, college-bound or career-bound, these are good writing projects to wrap things up:

  • 7Sisters Professional Writing Guide prepares teens for the kinds of real-life writing “events” they will likely run into during adulthood

Remember, you will never get everything done! So remind yourself and your teens that education does not stop at graduation. All of life is about learning. Still, springtime is a opportune time to mix some educational fun and fixes while preparing for a wonderful summer.


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Spring Semester for Homeschool Teens: What to Get Done

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