How to Start a Homeschool Extracurricular Club

Here’s how to start a homeschool extracurricular club.

Start a Homeschool Extracurricular Club

How to Start a Homeschool Extracurricular Club

You know your teens need some good extracurriculars to sparkle up their transcripts! They also need to work on the character development that happens when they work hard on a project with peers.

When my third son was in high school, we had a problem: He wanted to make films- and so did his friends!

I was just a homeschool mom. What could I do to help him?

What to do?

What do we ALWAYS do? We get a bunch of adventurous moms and teens together and figure it out:

  1. We figured out our goal: start a Cinematography Club
  2. Decide who, when, where: local homeschool high schoolers, monthly at one of the mom’s homes
  3. Divide tasks between the moms
  4. Set up a schedule, starting with the end goal of the Toggie Awards at the end of the season (hear more about it on Episode 2 of The Homeschool Highschool Podcast). 7Sisters’ Scheduling Backwards helps organize big tasks.
  5. Advertise in the local homeschool support group media
  6. Moms take turns reading ahead in books like Filmmaking for Dummies, then share that info with the teens

Then, we’d meet monthly with the teens and:

  1.  Let the kids show their latest film projects.
  2.  Discuss a technique.
  3.  Show favorite movie scenes and videos to see great filmmaking skills.
  4.  Make a film technique assignment and divide the kids into teams for work over the next month.

The photo above is from one of the boys’ projects!

The Cinematography Club got the kids off to a great start. My son went on to get an AA degree in visual production. Then he went on to get a double major in education and religion. He used his filmmaking skills to get good grades on college projects- film project had an edge when compared to posters and power points.

He is now a middle school history teacher (and runs his own middle school Cinematography Club for his students).

Please join me in watching my son’s college history class explanation of Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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How to Start a Homeschool Extracurricular Club

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