How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?

How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?

How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?

How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?

Is it okay to switch curriculum halfway through the year? YES!

Why would a homeschool mom be thinking she needs to ditch a curriculum?

*The curriculum is a bad learning-style fit. Once they got started, your teens hate the curriculum because it is totally geared toward a different learning style.

*The curriculum is just too hard. Most homeschool high schoolers are average students (that’s the meaning of the word.) Some curriculum is geared for honors-level. That is too difficult for an average teen.

*The course is too easy. Your teens are BORED!

*The format is a bad fit. Co-op is too much work and your teens feel overwhelmed.

*Life’s demands have changed. Unexpected circumstances have arisen and your teens are finding this curriculum too time consuming.

How can a homeschool mom ditch a curriculum?

*Ask yourself: What is the difference between waste and wisdom? It is not a waste to ditch a curriculum when you’ve tried your best to find the best curriculum for your teens, invested in it but found it is a bad fit. It is wisdom to work to find a better educational fit.

*Ask yourself: Does the transcript need this level of rigor? If your teens are struggling through a high-powered history course when their college majors will be math or science, you might be better time and energy steward by switching out.

*Ask yourself: What is the life lesson that needs to be learned here? Do your teens need to know mom will step in and advocate for them by helping them find a better-fit course? Do your teens need the character development created by soldiering through a difficult or boring course?

*Give yourself the gift of dreaming about next year. It helps to get through this year. Start planning well for a new year.

*Ask around. Bless someone else! Donate or sell the bad-fit curriculum.

*Ask around. Do some research. What are friends who have teens LIKE YOUR TEEN using for their high school curriculum.

*Try’s conversational, adaptable, affordable e-text curriculum.

Language Arts

Financial Literacy

financial literacy

Electives: Psychology, Human Development, Philosophy, Early Childhood Development, Speech

World History

Career Exploration

Career exploration bundle


Apologetics and Devotionals

*Try some freebies to get you started!

*Remember, Sabrina suggests that for your teens: If it is not moving you forward, it is holding you back.

Here’s a fun post about scrapping your schoolbooks!

How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year? 50 Ways to Scrap Your Schoolbook

While you’re thinking about it, watch this encouraging chat by Sabrina:

How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?


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Vicki Tillman

Blogger, curriculum developer at, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

2 Replies to “How and Why to Switch Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year?”

  1. I understand why it’s a tough decision for some families to ditch expensive curriculum. Sometimes funds have been saved for months to purchase it.

    Although I generally agree with changing what isn’t working, maybe the curriculum doesn’t have to tossed completely. For example, those expensive science textbooks can be used as reference books. For the hands-on student, do the science labs first, then check the reference textbook if more information is needed. Change up the order of study. There’s no rule that we must begin on page 1 and continue to page 300. Have your kiddo scan through a textbook and see what’s interesting, then start there.

    Just takes a little non-standard thinking.

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