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Vicki Tillman

Vicki Tillman is a visionary force in her local community; her mission is to advance God’s kingdom by investing in people. A homeschooling mom for 20-plus years, four of Vicki’s children are grown, and one is still in high school.
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consumer math in high school

Sara Hayes

God has a place in the world for quiet people, too…you know, those who prefer a backstage, supportive role to the public spotlight of leadership. Sara is one of those quiet people, and God has used her mightily backstage in a variety of roles over the years.
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Essay Writing Guides from Marilyn Groop of 7SistersHomeschool.com

Marilyn Groop

Marilyn is known as The Mastermind ‘round these parts; she has a remarkable way of taking a seemingly unreachable idea and turning it into a reality we all can share. Homeschooling her six children since 1990, she has dealt with a variety of learning styles and learning abilities – from gifted to learning disabled. Three of her six children are adopted and some had emotional issues that interfered with learning.
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