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5 Fun Ways to Earn a British Literature Credit for the Homeschool Transcript. 7SistersHomeschool.com. British Literature doesn't need to be dry. Make it inspirational!

5 Ways to Earn a FUN British Literature Homeschool Credit

Fun British Literature? RIGHT! Homeschool high schoolers can have FUN with Brit Lit. Homeschool FUN British Literature British Literature does not need to be boring and dull. When we were in high school, our British Literature classes probably were pretty dry, so we don’t want our homeschool high schoolers to go through that. However, British…

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Teaching British Literature - Help for Your Homeschool (or Group!) Syllabus ideas for British Literature in Homeschool Co-op or for individual work.

Teaching British Literature – Help for Your Homeschool (or Group!)

Looking for some homeschool help about teaching British Literature? For years in our homeschool group classes, we’ve been teaching British Literature as a part of a 4-ish year rotation: British Literature, Great Christian Writers (or other special-interest-focused literature course), American Literature, and World Literature. (Sometimes we throw in a year of C.S. Lewis Studies, too.) Teaching…

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