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Making Great Use of Family Gatherings for Homeschooling - Writing and Career Exploration!

Making Great Use of Family Gatherings and Homeschooling

So many family gatherings are coming up. Thanksgiving has just passed, December is upon us, and many homeschoolers are looking at the calendar and wondering exactly how many more school days and official school activities they will be able to fit in with the holidays taking center stage. Why not use family gatherings for some…

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3 Ideas for Introducing Poetry at Homeschool Co-op. Get your teens' buy-in for learning poetry with a fun, non-intimidating first lesson in homeschool co-op. #HomeschoolHighSchool #HomeschoolCoOp #HomeschoolLanguageArts #PoetryCoOp

3 Ideas for Introducing Poetry at Homeschool Co-op

Poetry writing was one of my kids’ favorite “classes” at homeschool co-op. They learned to enjoy writing poetry through the simple, goofy activities we shared in the group setting. Homeschool Co-Op: Poetry In years of teaching poetry to our local teens, I often found that they are intimidated by the subject. They (especially the males)…

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5 Ways to Make Creative Writing Less Intimidating

Creative writing can be intimidating! Don’t despair! You can give your homeschooling high schoolers some easy ways for making the process less scary and more FUN! Creative Writing Ways to Make Less Intimidating 1. Teens often feel less intimidated if creative writing is done on computer rather than with paper and pencil. Why is that?…

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Creative Writing: The Best-Kept Secret of Composition Success

Creative writing is the best-kept secret of good composition! My homeschooling high schoolers were all good writers throughout high school because they were exposed to good skills that equipped them for creative writing success. The 4 that have graduated from college relied heavily on their excellent creative thinking for successful college-paper writing.   Creative Writing…

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