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High School Philosophy: What Are the 4 Questions?

Philosophy for High School: What Are the 4 Questions?

What are the 4 questions of philosophy? Here are some basics about Philosophy for high school. Philosophy for high school When my kids were entering the homeschool high school years, I firmly believed that they should study SOME philosophy. I knew that philosophers kind of run the world (just from the back side). They teach…

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Who is Aristotle and Why Does the Homeschool Transcript Need Philosophy? 7SistersHomeschool.com

Who is Aristotle and Why Does the Homeschool Transcript Need Philosophy?

Aristotle? Who is Aristotle? Why does the homeschool transcript need philosophy? Why Does the Homeschool Transcript Need Philosophy? 7Sisters is proud of our delightful course: Philosophy in 4 Questions by Dr. Micah Tillman, who teaches at Stanford University’s prestigious online high school.Dr. Tillman (who is a homeschool graduate) wrote the text at the request of local…

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Philosophy in 4 Questions: Don't Leave Home Without it. 7SistersHomeschool.com presents a philosophy curriculum that your teens will enjoy and will change their lives!

Don’t Leave High School Without It! Philosophy in 4 Questions

Why should your homeschool high schoolers earn philosophy credit for their transcripts? Philosophy in 4 Questions Don’t graduate without it! Philosophy in 4 Questions is one of the most important courses a homeschool high schooler can use for a powerful transcript and life preparation. Here’s why: Philosophers run the world – your teens need to…

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Why the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an Important Lit Choice

Here’s why the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an important choice for homeschool high schoolers. C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy Teens need to: Learn to recognize God’s leading and bravely follow Learn to recognize and stand up to modernistic philosophies that are destructive Learn to stand up to people who are destructive Learn to think…

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Homeschool High School History

Homeschool High School History and Social Studies Credits

What counts as homeschool high school social studies? That’s up to you and your teen (and state requirements)! Homeschool high school history is a piece of social studies, as are a few other typical areas of study. For many college bound homeschool high schoolers social studies will look like this: –  1 credit in American History…

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