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Critical Thinking for Homeschoolers. Help your teens develop critical thinking skills in simple, life changing ways with these ideas. #7SistersHomeschool #CriticalThinkingSkills #CriticalThinkingForHomeschoolers #HomeschoolHighSchool #PlatoForHomeschool

Critical Thinking Skills for Homeschoolers

Critical thinking means evaluating an issue to form a judgment about it. A simple definition would be: thinking about the thinking behind something.  Critical Thinking means challenging assumptions, those of other people and those in your own mind. Critical Thinking for Homeschoolers It’s important to equip homeschoolers with the observational and critical thinking skills that will make them…

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High School Books About the Working Class

Labor, Philosophy, and Literature. Now that’s a powerhouse trio! High School Books About the Working Class High School students are ready to think deeply about work. They are getting close to choosing their first steps on a career path and the labor associated with making their own way in the world and caring for their…

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