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High School Research Paper: Should You Choose MLA? APA? Other? 7SistersHomeschool.com

High School Research Paper: MLA? APA? Other?

It’s time to write this year’s homeschool high school research paper. Which style should you choose? High School Research Paper: MLA? APA? Other? “What to do??? Which style research paper should my homeschool high schooler do this year?” Those are the questions I’d often hear in my years as a homeschool high school academic advisor.…

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Writing a Research Paper With Help from Relatives

High school students need to experience the challenges and rewards of writing a research paper. But not every bit of the research has to come out from dry, boring sources. If your homeschool teen is undecided about his MLA style research paper topic, encourage a look at your extended family for inspiration. You might find…

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