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Why the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an Important Lit Choice

Here’s why the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an important choice for homeschool high schoolers. C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy Teens need to: Learn to recognize God’s leading and bravely follow Learn to recognize and stand up to modernistic philosophies that are destructive Learn to stand up to people who are destructive Learn to think…

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5 Practical Tips for Writing Homeschool Goals. Make sure you actually accomplish what you need by good homeschool planning with long term goals and short term goals. Here's how. 7SistersHomeschool.com

5 Practical Tips for Writing Homeschool Goals

Time to write your homeschool goals. 7Sister Marilyn is our local homeschool guru on goal writing. Here is her classic post on creating homeschool goals. Writing Homeschool Goals Just as there is no one right way to homeschool, there is not one right way to write your homeschool goals, but here are some goal setting guidelines.…

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Combining Credits: Literature, History Elective, Fine Arts. Build a strong transcript and make the most of your homeschool high schoolers' time by aligning topics.

Combining Credits: Literature, History Elective, Fine Arts

As homeschool academic advisor, I’ve enjoyed looking back at various ways of combining credits for great high school experiences. Today I’d like to share how we created useful and inspirational combined credits for my youngest. Combining Credits My youngest son is a musician. He has played guitar and drums on church worship teams for years.…

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Research Papers for Reluctant Teens

Help! My Reluctant Writer Can’t Do a Homeschool Research Paper!

A Research Paper Writing Guide for the Reluctant, Remedial, Can’t-Do-It Teen Help for the reluctant writer homeschool Sometimes young homeschool high schoolers freak out over the “R” word. They insist they CAN’T do a research paper! This may be because: -their self-confidence is low -they are inexperienced -they are disorganized -they are simply reluctant writers…

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