How to Teach Psychology in Your Homeschool Co-op

One of the most delightful subjects to teach in homeschool co-ops is Psychology. There are a wealth of wonderful resources that provide hands-on learning experiences!

How to Teach Psychology in Homeschool Co-op

How to Teach Psychology in Your Homeschool Co-op

I have taught psychology to my kids, individually and in homeschool co-ops  a number of times. We used my textbook Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective (written to be accessible, NO busywork, and fun, while still covering the necessary scope and sequence for psychology credit).

Here are a few ideas for your homeschool co-op based on the chapters in Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective (you can click here for a BUNCH of other ideas on my Homeschool Psychology Pinterest Board):

-The Brain and How it Works

introduction to psychology

Draw brain sections with colored pencils, make brain models from homemade dough, make a brain hat, play with Interactive Brain Map.

 Play with optical illusions.

Make some Punnett squares for family gene patterns.


Experiment: Share with your homeschool co-op the quote that says laughter improves learning. Then give the students an unfamiliar Scripture to memorize quickly. See how well they do. Next read them jokes until all are laughing. Then give them another unfamiliar Scripture. Does their efficiency improve?

-History of Psychology 

Break the homeschool co-op into groups of 2 or 3. Have each describe how a person who is suffering from depression would be “treated” in each of the time periods mentioned in the text.


Watch “Les Mousserables”. How many non-verbals were shown? Have the co-op demonstrate non-verbals.

-Needs and Motivation

Show the fun *revised* version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Have the co-op students work in teams to make their own creative Hierarchy.

-Looking at Personality & Theory

Take the free online version of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test (Jungian Typology Test at Print up Keirsey’s report about your homeschooler’s personality types.

-Sleep & Dreams

Have the students keep a sleep log for a week and compare notes in class. Have them read 2 articles about sleep from my Psychology Resources Pinterest board and discuss with the group.

-Abnormal Psychology

Have your homeschool co-op give a 3-5 minute powerpoint presentation or Prezi presentation on a mental health disorder.

-Psychological Testing

Do a cheezy *test* just for fun (remember to explain that these are not valid tests). 

-Christian Counseling and Careers in Psychology

Invite a counselor to class!

-How to Help a Friend in Crisis

Have the homeschool co-op students describe healthy ways to be helpful when a friend is struggling.

Read more about uses on discounts for co-ops! 

Use the powerful videos and activities from 7Sisters’ Lesson Plan Guide. Perfect for co-ops:

introduction to psychology lesson plans homeschool co-op

Homeschool co-op is a great place to study psychology together! Have fun!

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