Teaching Literature Ideas for High School

Anyone can hand a teen a book list and say, “Read these.”

Teaching literature to a high school student is so much more than that. Good books can open the mind and heart to ideas, and a good teacher knows how to help teens learn to use literature for life-learning.
Teaching Literature Ideas for High School

Teaching Literature Ideas for High School

Move beyond a basic book list with some of OUR FAVORITE BLOG POSTS about teaching literature in high school homeschool:

Literature with BIG Ideas that Changed the World

Ideas like LIBERTY shaped the United States. Ideas like PERSEVERANCE brought success where everyone expected failure. Ideas like EQUALITY righted wrongs that no one thought could be corrected. Teach more than just the plot or the characters — discuss the ideas that drive us to do what we do and be who we are!

Teaching with Autobiographies

Eye-witness accounts of historical events, personal insights, inspiration, and warnings from people who are willing to share their life-stories. Here are some excellent autobiographies for teens.

Learning from Great Essays

This post includes a list of suggested GREAT essays for your teen to read, most available online for free. Essay writing is an often-overlooked element of literature. We make our kids learn to write ’em — make sure they READ ’em, too!

Journalism and Literature

Literary journalism involves a creative telling of accurate, factually-reported events. These books can be really exciting to read with your teens, and almost certainly spark great discussions.

Study Values with Literature – Great Christian Writers

Check out this list of a FULL YEAR of recommended titles for teens!


Teaching Literature Ideas High School

No-busywork, no overkill study guides to accompany so many great titles!

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 Teaching Literature Ideas High School

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8 Replies to “Teaching Literature Ideas for High School”

  1. Thanks for your wonderful posts – I absolutely love the idea behind “7 sisters” – Thanks for making each one of us part of your group. I really like this post as I have an aspiring teen author and I often wonder how to give her direction. Although I have enjoyed writing it has never been a passion for me. These are some great ideas – what you read definitely influences the things you think, the things you write, and the person you become. Thanks!

    • So glad you feel “at home” with us! There are lots of ways to encourage young writers; we often have different interests than our kids and have to get input from others regarding ways to equip them. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love using good literature to talk about values and ideas. I’ve not thought of requiring them to read essays, but I love the idea. It can be a model for good writing as well as a jumping off point for some good discussions.

    • It’s funny how long it took me to make that connection, Leah. I know that I, myself, learn best that way — give me a good model to observe carefully, and I will produce something much better than if I simply work from a set of instructions.

  3. Pinning this! Excellent lists and resources. I especially appreciate the reminder to discuss IDEAS and Ideals with them, rather than just facts. I will be utilizing the essays, for sure!

    • Great to hear, Jenn. The essays were a new addition for me a few years back. It was as if my brain suddenly went, “DING! I want them to learn to WRITE good essays….shouldn’t I have them READ some good essays??” LOL – lightbulb moments for homeschool moms! 🙂

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